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A train to Pampa Blanca


It's the story about a very particular train. A children’s hospital train that for 30 years has been giving medical assistance with volunteers in the most needed Northern areas. We travel most of Argentina, through various landscapes to reach and discover how people live in Pampa Blanca, an extremely humble town, located in Jujuy, where its revealed to us stories that are born from human being’s essence.

Director's bio

Rodolfo “Fito” Pochat is a screenwriter, director and producer. He graduated from the National Film School. He is the founder of the production company MOTONETA CINE SRL where projects for film and television have been developed.

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2010
  • Direction: Fito Pochat
  • Production Companies: 16M.films, Hiperkinesis Films, Uzala Films
  • Producers: Eduardo Luis Sanchez, Victor Cruz, Rafael Álvarez Ermesto
  • Length: 80'
  • Cast: Chumbita Adriana, Filomena Gómez, Kevin Martínez, Sonia Martínez
  • Script: Fito Pochat
  • DoP: Antonio Serjas, Lucio Bonelli
  • Editing: Lucas Scavino
  • Sound Design: Sebastián González
  • Music: Sergio de la Puente


Festival de Cine de Madrid (2010)