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All my Joy


1997, Christmas Eve. Camila (11) steals a shirt from her brother, rides a bike and gets distracted by a guy who buys fireworks. She gets into the water, plays with her cousins and wears a dress for dinner. After observing her family through a VHS camera, Camila begins to register herself.

Director's bio

Born in 1987 in Argentina. She studied Directing and Screenwriting at the CIEVYC film school and then Cinematography and Camera at the Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica Argentina (SICA). In 2009 she began teacher training in language and literature and attended workshops run by Argentinian writer Hebe Uhart. Her short films, short stories and screenplays have been invited to festivals and have won various competitions and stipends. She published her debut novel 'Neptuno' in 2017.

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2018
  • Direction: Micaela Gonzalo
  • Production Companies: Protón Cine
  • Producers: Mariana Luconi
  • Length: 14'
  • Cast: Tali Slipak, Ornella D´ Elia, Mauro Gonzalo, Tobías Milstein, Veronica Schenek, Malena Shnitzer
  • Script: Micaela Gonzalo
  • DoP: Micaela Gonzalo
  • Editing: Ignacio Masllorens
  • Sound Design: Nahuel Palenque
  • Production Design: Mirella Hoijman