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An Anatomy Lesson


In 1972, Carlos Mathus presented in Buenos Aires his provocative play "The anatomy lesson" that established him as author and director. His prestige transcended internationally and was represented by more than three decades of uninterrupted success. At 77 years old, Mathus wonders if this creation of youthful rebellion is still valid and undertakes the adventure of re-launching the work of his life.

Director's bio

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2019
  • Direction: Agustin Kazah, Pablo Arévalo
  • Production Companies: Rueguet Films
  • Producers: Lucila Presa, Paula Magnani
  • Length: 87'
  • Cast: Carlos Mathus, Antonio Leiva
  • Editing: Nubia Campos Vieira
  • Sound Design: Mariana Delgado
  • Music: Martín Sciaccaluga