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Boxing Club


An approach to that universe of masculinity, sweat, blood and honor that boxing embodies; an essay guided by the relationship between a coach and his pupil. The audience feels simply there: immersed in the gym under a major railway station, among men who try to fight their way out of poverty though punches and defenses. An off-field experience in the big rings, where there is no place for anything like glory: the B-side of boxing.

Director's bio

Filmmaker and professor. Born in Buenos Aires, he worked as a mechanic, builder, and lifeguard. He directed the films "The night of the awaken cameras", "The pursuer", "Boxing Club", “Kentannos. May you live to be 100!”, “Taranto” and “Golden 50th”. He has been invited to the most important festivals and markets in the world such as Visions du Réel, Locarno, Dok Leipzig, Berlin and Cannes. He is passionate about people and their stories, that is why he understands filmmaking as a vital and transformative experience.

Ficha técnica

  • Year: 2012
  • Direction: Victor Cruz
  • Production Companies: 16M.films
  • Producers: Víctor Cruz
  • Length: 67’
  • Cast: Alberto Santoro, Jeremias Castillo, Emilio castillo.
  • Script: Víctor Cruz
  • DoP: Diego Poleri
  • Editing: Laura Fuente Ramos
  • Sound Design: Martín Grignaschi


Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata (2012)