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Burning Night


Paulo has been deprived of seeing his 7-year-old son Mateus for not paying the pension to his ex wife. He starts working as a taxi driver to get fast money. With the passing of the days he will be fleetingly related to his passengers but one of them, Karina, will travel to stay. Brazil's social crisis will affect the country and his daily life.

Director's bio

Eryk Rocha was born in Brasilia in 1978. In 2004 his short film Quimera was part of the official competition at Cannes (2004) and Sundance (2006). Her film Cinema Novo received the 2016 Golden Eye for 'Best Documentary' at the Cannes Film Festival. For Miragem won the award for 'Best Director' at the Rio Festival (Brazil).

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2020
  • Direction: Eryk Rocha
  • Production Companies: Varsovia Films
  • Producers: Eryk Rocha, Edgard Tenembaum, Diego Dubcovsky, Walter Salles
  • Length: 95'
  • Cast: Fabrício Boliveira, Bárbara Colen, Inés Estevez, Luis Ziembrowski
  • Script: Eryk Rocha, Julia Ariani, Fabio Andrade
  • DoP: Eryk Rocha, Julia Ariani, Fabio Andrade
  • Editing: Renato Vallone
  • Sound Design: Edson Secco
  • Production Design: Ana Paula Cardoso
  • Wardrobe: Madame Machado, Aline Besouro