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Female nomad


Esther Díaz, the Argentine epistemologist and essayist, goes through the milestones of her philosophical work related to the dominant parameters of sexuality and pleasure within the patriarchal culture. She explores the possibility of subverting hegemonic values departing from a broader and less stereotyped conception such as "post-porn".

Director's bio

Film director, producer and editor specialized in artistic documentaries. He has a degree in Communication. He also studied philosophy, music and practiced journalism in the group "La Otra." In 2010 he founded the production company Cinemilagroso and has released 8 feature films and 2 shorts that were screened in several international film festivals.

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2018
  • Direction: Martín Farina
  • Production Companies: Cinemilagroso
  • Producers: Martin Farina
  • Length: 73'
  • Cast: Esther Díaz
  • Script: Martin Farina
  • DoP: Martin Farina
  • Sound Design: Jorge Barilari
  • Music: Coiffeur, Jorge Barilari


Bafici (2018)