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Mika Etchebehere and her husband Hipólito witnessed events that changed the course of 20th century history. Marxist militants born in Argentina, at the end of the 1920s, embarked on a long journey in search of the revolution that led them to travel through Argentine Patagonia, Berlin and Paris. They finally found her in Madrid, when the Spanish Civil War broke out on July 18, 1936. Mika goes from being the wife of a leader to becoming the only female captain in the Republican forces. The unequal struggle tests their values ​​and commitment to what they dreamed of in their youth.

Director's bio

Rodolfo “Fito” Pochat, born in Argentina in the mid-60s, graduated from Argentina’s National Film School (ENERC), linked to the National Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute. He dedicated several years to TV production as director of cable networks such as The Big Channel (children TV) and Solo Tango (Tango network). He later produced and directed several documentary shorts. A train to Pampa Blanca, his first documentary feature, was featured at international film festivals and was awarded with Best First Feature Award at Santiago de Cuba Festival and Best Documentary at the Argentine Cinema exhibition at Leipzig, Germany (2011). Has founded MOTONETA CINE, a production company that develops documentary projects for film and TV. Javier Olivera Trained initially in painting with Argentine artists Luis Felipe Noé and Eduard Stupía, he later studied film and video at UCLA, US, and Iberoamerican literature at Fundación José Ortega y Gasset of Spain. He completed his education by working as an assistant director in films and TV series for eight years. In film he co-wrote and directed The Visitant (1999), starring renowned actor Julio Chávez, and The Road (2000). Both films were screened at international film festivals. As a screenwriter has collaborated and developed film projects for Argentinine, Spanish and US production companies. Has directed the TV fiction dramas Laura y Zoe (Canal 13, Argentina) starring Celicia Roth & Susú Pecoraro; Al Filo de la Ley (Univisión, US); and Al Filo de la Ley Spanish version (TVE) starring Leo Sabraglia. In 2007 directed the TV movie Floresta (2007), based on the play by Rafael Spregelburd. In the documentary field, Olivera has directed doc series such as La Técnica (2008) and Gente grande (2010), both for Canal Encuentro. In the US he has collaborated with renowned documentarian Jorge Prelorán in the DVD release of his most important works. In 2011 co-directed and photographed Prematuros, a winning project of National Film Institute Digital TV fund.

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2013
  • Direction: Fito Pochat, Javier Olivera
  • Production Companies: Motoneta Cine, Veta 21
  • Producers: Fito Pochat y Andrea Gouverneur
  • Length: Fito Pochat, Javier Olivera
  • Cast: Arnold Etchebehere, Cristina Benegas
  • Script: Fito Pochat y Javier Olivera
  • DoP: Fernando Loranzale
  • Editing: Lucas Scavino
  • Sound Design: Gelsi-Gentile, David González Hernandez
  • Music: Alonso Herrera Mora