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Satori South


Defining Miguel Grinberg only as a journalist, writer and poet does not do him justice in its entirety. As a key engine of the Argentine counterculture of the 60s, his figure is equivalent to that of Allen Ginsberg and Jonas Mekas in the United States; It is no coincidence that he has been a close friend and collaborator of both. Satori Sur takes that correspondence as its narrative axis, while celebrating the 80th anniversary of a Grinberg surrounded by memories, unpublished texts, never-written books and existential notes - all of which he himself calls "moments of soul emptiness" - , and describes your personal history and journalistic and artistic achievements. This tour will take you to reconnect with your friend Mekas. But something is wrong with the connection and the video call communication is constantly interrupted. However, on both sides of the screen between Buenos Aires and New York, the memories of these two friends will go far beyond nostalgia, calling into question the dimension in which the past and memories inhabit. "All our friends have left and we are here," Mekas tells him shortly before he died. Grinberg himself will later correct that error of the universe: "We are indestructible."

Director's bio

Federico Rotstein is an editor and director. He co-directed with Sebastián Rotstein "Liebre 105" and "Terror 5", both presented at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. Satori Sur is his first foray into the documentary genre.

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2020
  • Direction: Federico Rotstein
  • Production Companies: Los Andes Cine
  • Producers: Laura Bruno
  • Length: 70
  • Cast: Miguel Grinberg, Jonas Mekas, Juan Carlos Kreimer, Flavia Grinberg
  • Script: Federico Rotstein, Martín M. Oesterheld
  • DoP: Federico Rotstein, Martín M. Oesterheld
  • Editing: Federico Rotstein
  • Sound Design: Guido Deniro