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The Future Perfect


Xiaobin recently arrived in Argentina from China. She tries on names in Spanish as if she were trying on costumes, to see which suits her. She tries out new gestures to give her new role a body. She speaks the language although she doesn’t master it until she has convinced herself about her speech. Meanwhile, she uses the film as a rehearsal room to try out her future in Buenos Aires.

Director's bio

Nele Wohlatz was born in Hannover and studied Production Design at HfG Karlsruhe. She directed "Ricardo Bär" (2003) with Gerardo Naumann and "The Future Perfect" (2016). She is currently developing her latest feature film "Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?" together with Ruda Cine, and her next documentary film "American night" produced by Murillo cine.

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2016
  • Direction: Nele Wohlatz
  • Production Companies: Murillo Cine, Nele Wohlatz
  • Producers: Sazy Salim, Nele Wohlatz
  • Length: 65'
  • Cast: Xiaobin Zhang, Saroj Kumar Malik, Mian Jiang, Dong Xi Wang, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart
  • Editing: Ana Godoy
  • Sound Design: Nahuel Palenque