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The Shadow


As the director´s house gets demolished, memory emerges from its hideouts as fragments of Super 8 footage. An audiovisual essay where analog images blended with digital ones rewrite the director´s biography and reveal certain clues: the house as a stage and a monument, family relationships, life under Military dictatorship in the 70s and the father figure as a tycoon of Argentine cinema.

Director's bio

Javier Olivera is an Argentine visual artist and filmmaker initially trained in painting with Luis Felipe Noé and Eduardo Stupía, then he studied film at UCLA and literature in Spain. In cinema he co-wrote and directed The Visitant (1999); Mika my Spanish War (2013); The Shadow (2015) and The Stranger. Notes on the (self) exile (2018). All the films were screened at international festivals and shows (MoMA, Viennale, BAFICI, Mar del Plata, Toulouse, among others). He has also made documentary series and has given workshops on video, film, documentary and screenwriting in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Cuba and Spain. Olivera has developed since 1990 a body of work that includes paintings, photos, single-channel videos and video installations that have been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in Latin America and Europe. Lives in Madrid, Spain.

Cast & Crew

  • Year: 2015
  • Direction: Javier Olivera
  • Production Companies: Walden Productora Audiovisual
  • Producers: Javier Olivera
  • Length: 72'
  • DoP: Javier Olivera
  • Editing: Javier Olivera / Post imagen: FUC (Agustina Andrade, Alejandra Esquerro, Miguel Massenio).
  • Sound Design: Zypce / Post sonido: Zub Sonido, Carlos Olmedo, Emiliano Biaiñ, Marcos Zoppi


BAFICI (2015)